The Wounding of General Braddock

The Wounding of General Braddock

In the spring of this year, General Edward Braddock moved his army of 2000 north from Virginia towards Fort Duquesne. By July 9th the troops arrived at the Monongahela crossing, six weeks behind schedule . Expecting an ambush to occur during the river crossing, Braddock took precautions to see that all was secure before sending the troops through the shallows. With the last man safe on the other side, Braddock and his men moved forward into the forest canopy with a renewed sense of confidence. Within the next few hours, their confidence would be replaced by panic and terror. General Braddock himself had four horses shot out from under him, he fell with the fifth, mortally wounded. The battle was lost. Tattered remnants of Braddock's army fled back across the river. Braddock, badly bleeding, was loaded with two other wounded officers and taken from the battle ground, He died within days of the battle.

By: Robert Griffing

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