Righteous Endeavor

Righteous Endeavor

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The 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, known as Task Force Fury, deployed to Southern Afghanistan's Kandahar Province beginning in January 2012. Relieving the 3rd Brigade, 10th Mountain Division's Task Force Spartan in Zharay and Maiwand Districts, Task Force Fury assumed the role of Regional Command South's main effort in March of 2012. Comprised of Paratroopers from the Brigade's organic units including 1-508 PIR, 2-508 PIR, 4-73 CAV, 2-321 AFAR, 782nd BSB, and the 508th STB, and augmented with Soldiers from three Stryker Battalions, 5-20 IN, 4-23 IN, and later 1-17 IN, the task force numbered just shy of 5,000 personnel.

Once on the ground, the brigade fully partnered with members of the Afghan National Security Forces. These forces included the Afghan National Army from the 3rd Brigade, 205th "Hero" Corps under the leadership of Brigadier General Murtaza. The Afghan Police Forces including Afghan Uniformed Police, Afghan Local Police and Afghan National Civil Order Police, all under the leadership of Provincial Chief of Police Brigadier General Raziq, and his two District Chiefs of Police. These forces combined with the established local and district governing bodies of Zharay and Maiwand to form the Unified Command Team, or "UCT." With the mission to establish and secure resilient communities capable of denying Taliban sanctuary and influence among the populace, the UCT was task organized and partnered at the Platoon level to provide the utmost flexibility and support to the communities within Task Force Fury's Battle Space.

Task Force Fury's campaign plan consisted of five lines of operation: Secure Zharay, Protect Zharay, Disrupt Maiwand, Extend governance to Ghorak, and Transition the battlespace/Continued Dominance. Of these lines of operation, Secure Zharay was identified as the task force's decisive operation, and it's "Talasha Dorost" series of operations(translated as "Righteous Endeavor") served to accomplish the mission and achieve the UCT's outcome goals. More than just defeating pockets of insurgents on the ground, these missions also set conditions to improve local government's delivery of services, promoted sustainable economic and agricultural development opportunities, targeted enemy networks attempting to operate in Fury's Battle Space, and developed the capabilities of Fury's Afghan partners and established a robust community-centric police presence to ensure security remained after Fury departed.

In September 2012, Task Force Fury ceded control of its battle space to the 2nd Infantry Division's 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team and redeployed to Fort Bragg, North Carolina. As a result of the successes made by Task Force Fury's "Righteous Endeavor" series of operations, over 325 enemy elements were removed from the battlefield, along with over 20,000 pounds of homemade explosives, and 1,300 improvised explosive devices. These operations removed insurgent safe havens that previously plagued the districts of Zharay and Maiwand, and successfully stabilized 33 communities. The task force established 37 kilometers of new roads that connected the people to their government and increased access to markets for their agriculture and goods. The gallantry and unwavering spirit of Fury's Paratroopers was highlighted by 31 valorous awards presented. Sadly, this success was not without a high price, as 265 Fury troopers received the Purple Heart for wounds sustained in combat, and 26 Task Force Fury heroes made the ultimate sacrifice while serving their country. Fury from the Sky!

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